Water Tattoo Sticker

Bjc 145

To apply:
1. Apply background color if desired and let it dry.
2. Remove the film of the product, cut out the desired pattern roughly and dip it into water for 10-20 seconds.
3. Moisten the nail surface, gently slide the image from the backing paper and gently move it to the desired location on the nail surface and press firmly.
4. Use soft towel to absorb excess water and blow dry if necessary. Seal the nail tattoo sticker with gel or with clear top coat. Tip: For best and long lasting result, cure with the gel top coat.
To remove: Please use nail polish remover to remove.



3D Nail Sticker

E 45

To apply:
1. please peel off the individual sticker from the backing slowly. It's better to fold the backing in an angle for easier peeling.
2. place the sticker onto the desire location of your nail and rub on it gently.
3. For best and long lasting result please apply a good quality quick drying top coat on top of the sticker.
To remove:
1. If top coat was applied, please use nail polish remover to remove these nail art stickers.
2. If no top coat was applied, then these stickers can be easily removed (just scratch it off using your nail tip) from your nails without scratching your base nail polish.